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Ikitech Precision Grinding was established to fulfill high quality special cutting tools requirement in Indonesia.
We only used high quality material which processed at precision machine by experience man power. We are implementing “Build In Quality” system to assured every process had done according to in process drawing and 100% quality control checking to warranty finish good quality.
Our products were controlled by teamwork with high integrity and fully attention for quality. Ikitech have passion to giving  service excellent through production capacity, technology, and man power that improved continuously.
Ikitech produces special cutting tools from any type of material. Either high speed steel, carbide, cermets, polycrystalline diamond, or other materials.
We could repair your cutting tools as possible as a new tools. Regrinding your tool to make your tool like a new as long as in a good tolerance, or we can Re-sharpening your tool to make it works for you. If you want it more then these, we should Re-tiping your tool. It would replace your cutting-edges with a new one. It will be sharp and precission such as a new tool we made.




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Kantor Pusat & Factory

Kawasan Industri Jababeka I Jln. Jababeka IV SFB Blok B 11H d/a Jln. Jababeka VIII Blok B 11H Cikarang - Bekasi 17520. Tlp : (021) 898 32441, Fax : (021) 898 32468, Email :

Pemasaran Jakarta

Komplek Rukan Artha Gading Niaga Blok I No. 17/18 Sentra Bisnis Arta Gading Kelapa Gading - Jakarta Utara 14240. Telp : (021) 4585 0975, Fax : (021) 4585 0977, Email :